The Trustees of the Christ Church Endowment are available to discuss the Endowment, and ways you can play a role in sustaining and strengthening it, at any time.

For more information, please contact the church office.

Here are some ways that, through prudent estate planning, you can assist your Christ Church community:

    • A Bequest in a Will
    • Life Income Gifts
    • Retirement Accounts
    • Life Insurance
    • A Life Estate
    • Appreciated Property
    • Requesting that gifts in your memory be made to Christ Church

Legacy Giving

Thinking beyond the borders of our physical life on earth.

Christ Church’s Endowment was established by parishioners who envisioned a community of prayer that would continue long after their own lives had ended.  Thanks to them, the parishioners who followed them, and those who are active in our church today, Christ Church is blessed with an Endowment that functions as a perpetual fund dedicated to long-term parish needs, in contrast with the operating monies we raise through our annual pledge campaign.  Of course, annual giving and legacy giving together are key components of our call to stewardship.

Earnings from the Endowment augment our ministries and help to maintain and repair our beautiful 18th-century church building, parish hall, rectory, and our grounds.  The Endowment’s principal can be tapped only under the most special of circumstances.  

Our fellow parishioners and friends of Christ Church have enriched the Endowment through gifts to the church, particularly gifts given in memory of a departed church member or to further the congregation’s mission and ministry.  We are very grateful for them.

An important way to build the Endowment is through planned giving and estate planning. There are two benefits to giving to Christ Church through your estate: In the course of the estate planning process, you’ll be assured your plan is up to date, reflects your wishes, and makes sense from a tax perspective; and your faith community will be strengthened by your bequest.

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