The Leadership of Christ Church

Rev. Dr. Christopher I. Wilkins, Rector

Rev. Wilkins previously served as Assistant to the Rector for Christian Formation at Trinity Episcopal Church in St. Mary’s City. In addition, Rev. Wilkins’ community involvement in St. Mary’s includes serving as Adjunct Professor in the Department of Languages and Literature at the College of Southern Maryland. Rev. Wilkins’ wife, Hilary, is a Team Leader with the St. Mary's County Dept. of Social Services. They have two sons, Dominic Wilkins 15, (grade 11), and Gabriel Wilkins 12, (grade 7). Fr. Christopher Wilkins can be reached at the Parish Office: 301-884-0644 / 301-884-3451, or by Cell: 301-247-2482. Mail to: P.O. Box 8, Chaptico, Md. 20621.

Parish Wardens

Robbie Loker, Senior Warden, 2013

Robert Oppermann, Junior Warden, 2013

Vestry Members

William (Bill) Dollins, Treasurer
Fred Wyant, Treasury Consultant
Julie Burch, 2014
Sheila Hiebert, 2016
Betsy Franklin, 2015
Robbie Loker, 2013
Jill Oliver, 2017
Mike Oliver, 2015
Donna Gutierrez, 2017

Committee Leaders & Chairs

Altar Guild ~ Robbie Loker
Buildings & Grounds ~ Robert Oppermann
Cemetery Chair ~ Brad Reeves
Endowment Board of Trustees ~ Brad Reeves
Fundraising ~ David Spranger
Finance Chair ~ Herb Redmond
Parish Life Chair ~ Shelby Oppermann
Stewardship Chair ~ Robbie Loker
Registrar ~ Barbara Drumgoole


Herbert N. Redmond, Jr., Delegate
Mike Whitson, Alternate Delegate

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